Case Studies

Resume Sourcing Case Studies

Regional Public Accounting Firm.

An Accounting firm’s hiring needs routinely changed fast due to client demand and turnover.  The firm had tried to fill candidate pipeline by bringing in contract recruiters and by refocusing internal efforts and investments toward resume sourcing.  The VP HR realized her recruiters were spending majority of their time searching resume databases, and wanted more focus on selling the firm to accounting professionals and interviewing and closing candidates.  The firm ran the numbers and decided that a Resume Sourcing Service could provide a talent pipeline for less cost, saving on contract recruiters and direct investments in resume sourcing, while also allowing internal recruiters to focus on their strengths of interviewing and selling the firm.  As the firm hires many with the same background they were able to take advantage of hiring multiple employees per search project, which increased their benefit from our service.

Large Manufacturing Corp.

A large corporation with continuous hiring needs for many different roles and locations had been using 3rd party recruiters for many years.  New management intended to cut costs and planned to reduce recruiting fees.  SourceCandidates was engaged on an initial search project as a trial experiment to run along side their legacy recruiting process.  The client quickly realized that the 3rd party recruiters were sending many of the same resumes found thru our service – They then asked for a retroactive database search for a sample of 10 past hires, and learned that 6 out of the 10 resumes would have been available thru our sourcing service.  The employer then implemented a policy of using our Resume Sourcing Service as a first step, and as a last step when needed they would solicit 3rd party candidates.  This change resulted in the client reducing recruiting costs by 45% over the next year, which included the cost of hiring their own internal recruiter to screen and interview the candidates we delivered.

Candidate Recruiting Case Studies

Mid sized Recycling Business.

An employer had a one time hiring need for an experienced Safety Engineer. The employer paid about $400 to post position on a leading website, resulting in many resumes and phone calls, but few who were qualified and even fewer who were a match after phone screens, and none were acceptable after interviews.  The employer did not want to risk another $400 job post and do all the work involved a 2nd time, but also did not want to pay a huge recruiting fee, and they decided on our Candidate Recruiting service.   Within a week we were able to identify many active candidates who were qualified and interested but did not see their job post, as well as interested passive candidates thru an email and warm calling campaign.  During the next month the company was able to interview several and make a hire. We have many clients with similar examples of this scenario.

Retail Investments Firm.

A fast growing retail investment firm needed qualified and interested candidates to interview with hiring managers nationwide, and they expected hiring to continue for 2 years and then slow.  They did not want to hire additional full time recruiters to meet this short term need but wanted to provide a low cost process that the corporate office could control.  Our Candidate Recruiting Service was used to identify and screen possible candidates, and then work with each office’s hiring managers on scheduling and hiring.   The client was able to staff its sales offices with minimal investment and no long term commitment, and continues to use both our Candidate Recruiting and Resume Sourcing Services when needed.

Thanks!…by the way…my CEO has commented a number of times about how effective you guys have been and recommended you to a few other companies. Thanks for making me look good.
Director of HRTechnolgy Startup
Thanks for your help with the Controller search and we will touch base again soon!
VP HRConsumer Products Corp
This project worked out well and i will recommend you to other hiring managers.
Manager Talent AcquisiitonGlobal Manufacturer
Thanks again for your continued help - Our recruiters having nice results so far and hopefully the trend continues.
HR DirectorHospitality Corp
Resumes have looked good. Several we got from a search firm and appears you are using same database or something. Thanks for keeping the list small and the extra info/pictures.
Talent Acquisition StaffInvestment Bank
(Candidate Name) Accepted! Thank you for your hard work on this and (boss name) seems pretty happy. Stay tuned and we will probably be using you again in near future.
Executive Secretary Consumer Products Corp
The leads have been a nice tool for our sales staff and results show we should continue for at least one more cycle.
Director of SalesMarriott
Feedback so far from a few hiring managers has been positive, and more importantly no complaints!
Manager Talent AcquisitionJohn Hancock
I was able to hire 2 from the last search project, and stay tuned for the next one.
Staffing ManagerNovartis
Thanks for the hard work. My recruiters have been able to do a lot more interviewing with your help.
Director Talent AcquisitionUBS
Highly recommend SourceCandidates - We save a lot of time finding candidates and they are our go to source.
General ManagerHofbrauhaus
"Will take the time to determine our needs and match these needs with the best qualified candidates for our practice units."
HR DirectorErnst and Young


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