When should we use fixed fee recruiting?
Our Fixed Fee Recruiting Service adds value by performing the resume sourcing & recruiting process over the lifespan of the search.  Employers can focus on their actual job rather than cold calling, networking, searching databases, emailing, scheduling, and other recruiting functions.  Employers can also avoid paying much higher fees to a 3rd party recruiter who performs this same process.
Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing?
An RPO partner enables an employer to focus on hiring the best available candidates.  Our comprehensive Candidate Recruiting process performs the legwork needed to deliver qualified and interested candidates to the employer, and has shown to reduce costs and increase productivity and focus.
Do we interview candidates?
Yes, all qualified and interested candidates are interviewed.  Candidates will be screened for many criteria and a summary will be sent to the client for review. The client can request specific screening criteria, and our summary will include: Salary History Salary Requirements Location preferences Why interested? Qualifications Accomplishments Education Future Plans Goals and Interests Reviews Reference Lists Offers/interviews Job moves Red Flags Image and Style Communication
Will the job be posted to the internet?
Yes. We will post weekly to Indeed and other leading sites reaching millions of active job seekers, and we will screen applicants and deliver the qualified candidates to the employer.  The client can choose to have the job posted in their name, remain confidential, or to not have position posted.  Repeated job posts over several weeks is a valuable tool in creating the candidate pipeline, but is only a fraction of our resume sourcing process.
Can we stay confidential?
Yes an employer can remain confidential.  If an employer needs to keep a search confidential then we can perform an anonymous search.  The client decides if and when any identifying info is given to a candidate.
What additional Info is provided?
Depending on the source and what is available, we provide info on salary, interests, work authorization, location preference, social media links, and pictures of candidate.
How are Resumes Delivered?
We work with each client on their preferred method of delivery.  We can email resume files, upload resumes to the cloud on our resume server, or enter into the client's Applicant Tracking System.
How many Resumes will be delivered?
The number of resumes delivered depends on many factors, including location, requirements, salary, opportunity, demographics.....For very specific skills in rural locations the numbers can be small, and for popular skills in urban locations the numbers can be high.  When available resumes are few we focus more time on name generation, and when resumes are many we focus more time on searching and screening.   As every sourcing project is unique we are happy to discuss our expectation for both quantity and quality prior to getting started.
What Passive Recruiting Tools are provided?
SourceCandidates will create a Lead list for each Resume Sourcing project.  This includes the Name, Title, Employer, Email, and Phone for many potential candidates, which are used to recruit and network with for referrals. We can contact this list on the client's behalf if desired. We work with each client on how much focus should be on passive candidates.  For harder to fill positions with fewer active candidates available we focus additional efforts on providing leads on passive candidates and referral sources.
How soon can we expect results?
We will Search and Screen resumes and deliver the initial batch to the client within One Business Day from Order Completion. We then follow up with client on their opinion of these resumes and continue this delivery and follow up process for up to 60 days.
What Resume Sources are used?
SourceCandidates uses all major resume databases and many industry, profession, diversity, and location specific resources, including Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice, LinkedIn, and Indeed.  We use all major social networking and name generation tools, as well as in house crawl and parsing technology to identify and contact candidates.
How do we get started?
Please contact us for a Demo, or compete our order page.  A job description that includes responsibilities and qualifications is always helpful, as well as information on Salary, Bonus, Benefits, Travel, and Location.